1. Doctor Britt Baker DMD Reflects On A Year Of AEW And COVID’s Effect On The Company’s Momentum with UPROXX
  2. November 23, 2020

    AEW Games announced!

    All Elite Wrestling is currently working on three different console and mobile games. November 10's   AEW Games 1.0 Special Event brought the news. Kenny Omega, Aubrey Edwards, Britt Baker, and Cody Rhodes took part in the 20-minute presentation, with each covering a different side of...


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  1. Anyone else add AEW notes to their planner? I usually put the viewing schedule for the week, but this week I went with Dynamite highlights instead as it was one to remember! (Hopefully I shared the image correctly above)

  2. ...AAAHHHH!!!!! Last night was awesome. Every match last night was amazing; Britt vs Leyla Hirsch, Cody and Darby vs FTW which ending with the return of Sting!!!, and even though Moxely lost, Kenny Omega is the new AEW world champion!!!!!! Two last this 1: I am so excited for this AEW and Impact partnership; fingers crossed we get to see Young Bucks vs Moter City Machinguns or the good...

  3. Heck yes Kenny!!!! Once I saw the One Winged Angel, I knew he had the win. Congrats to one of the best in Wrestling. I can't wait to see what he does during his reign as champion. Woo!

  4. We have created a Heels Holiday playlist for Spotify! ??????

  5. I loved the talent show zoom, I was so nervous my wine chug was gonna end up all over me though hahah!!!! Is there any way we can get the video of the talent segment up on here so I can watch myself arm chug hahaha! Would love to see it <3

  6. Hello everyone! I have a suggestion for our next event. What if we all wear ugly Christmas sweaters? I think it would be hilarious and it would also get us into the holiday spirit! Thoughts? :)

  7. I'm just here to talk about Orange Cassidy wearing black in the BTE episodes and my little goth heart got reeeal excited. there with that. He still single??? I also enjoy giving one worded answers durong interviews, loaded with dad jokes, and like romantic walks to the kitchen. Also sweat alot when I dance.???? Im gonna see myself out and drink some damn water. Apparently I'm...

  8. It was so much fun to see other's talents! I am really enjoying these Zoom parties. I'd love to see everyone's submissions since we only had time for three people. Here is my submission: I hope some of you will also share yours!

  9. ...but I'd still like to see more talents! No disrespect intended to our AMAZING performers - I had a lot of fun seeing and hearing what I could! Y'all were great! I'm just a nosy Nellie and I wanna see MORE. Tell ya hwat, ladies: below I'll link the youtube video I submitted for the show, and if anyone else wants to share, feel free! I have lots of different odd talents, but this one is...

  10. Last night, the ladies showcased their talents during the AEW Heels Talent event and they really killed it especially Kris, Shida, and Red Velvet. It goes to show that women can actually do amazing things and I'm so proud of all of them, I'm so happy to be a part of this experience but on December 18, we will have more fun before the holidays with a cool Christmas party with the Heels. I'm so...