Heels events
May. 18 AEW Dynamite/Rampage - Fertitta Center
AEW Dynamite/Rampage - 6:00p CT
Houston, TX
May. 20 AEW Heels Mental Health Awareness Month
AEW Heels Mental Health Awareness Month - 8:00 PM EST
AEW Heels Community Portal
May. 25 AEW Dynamite - Michelob Ultra Arena
AEW Dynamite: Las Vegas, NV - 3:00p PT
Las Vegas, NV
May. 27 AEW Rampage - Michelob Ultra Arena
AEW Rampage: Las Vegas, NV - 3:00p PT
Las Vegas, NV
May. 29 AEW Double or Nothing - T-Mobile Arena
AEW Double or Nothing: Las Vegas, NV - 4:30p PT
Las Vegas, NV
Jun. 01 AEW Dynamite - Forum
AEW Dynamite: Los Angeles, CA - 4p PT
Los Angeles, CA



  1. Is anyone else going to Forbidden Door? Just wondering if there is going to be anything for the Heels? Like a Meet and Greet or party? Just wondering so I can pre-plan the day :)

  2. Hi Heels! I'm so excited to be trekking to Vegas in a couple of weeks & meeting some of you in person! Yay! Ok, so I'm a crazy over planner. My hubby is also coming to Vegas. Is he allowed at the Heels Meet Up? If not, is there anything the other significant others will be doing? Thanks! Trish

  3. Scorpio Sky's crack about Tay being "passed around the locker room" was sexist slut shaming, which is nothing new from Men of the Year/American Top Team. We've heard that crap from Dan Lambert before and it was disgusting then, there's no need for more of it. Sky seems to be turning face, but that was pure and utter heel and not in a good way. Right now I'm deciding if I'm going to stop...

  4. Hello everyone! I just wanted to pop on and say that my experience at the taping on May 4 was so fun! I had been to Full Gear in 2019, but this was my first TV taping and I didn't realize there would be dark taping as well, so it was about 4 1/2 hours of action the entire time! I had so much fun and was so happy with the entire show! I can't wait for the next heels meet, now that I...

  5. Do you think we'll get presale codes for it? I saw theres a presale on thurs but wrestletix doesn't even have any codes yet.

  6. Hey! I don’t have many wrestling friends, so I’m super excited to be a part of this community!

  7. For my 25th birthday (today), my wonderful mother gave me a subscription to AEW Heels. I've been wanting to join since it became a thing. Let me introduce myself, my name is Laura. I have been a wrestling fan my entire life, and I would really enjoy connecting with other wrestling fans. I would love to hear from you.

  8. I have never been more glad to not wear makeup That call just highlights the fact that those of us who are straight and CIS need to go in to bat for our homies who are otherwise and normalize the shit out of this

  9. Just got my floor tickets for AEW Dynamite in Rochester NY for the July 6th show with presale. My seat jumped from $73 to $500 in a matter of a fraction of a second. I got third row a few seats from the entrance ramp. Before I knew it I was paying $500 for a single seat. I ended up paying this because I didn’t want to pay over a thousand dollars for a good seat. Also I logged in at 8am this...

  10. Hi my fellow Heels!! I wanted to know if there is a meet & greet this Wednesday in Philadelphia. I saw the email earlier but I know there were some community events in AEW the past few weeks. I have been checking all social media for updates but have not seen anything. Can anyone let me know please?