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Heels events
Jan. 12 AEW Dynamite - UNO Lakefront Arena
AEW Dynamite: New Orleans, LA - 6:00 PM CST
New Orleans, LA



  1. Please help me to get front row tickets ???????????? I've never been able to get front row they're always gone! I saw they go on sale on Saturday

  2. I'm so excited for tonight's show. Just got to the arena and the energy is already hitting. I'm so happy I can be in this community and show my excitement without feeling odd. Thanks my Heels family!!!

  3. I did not want to do this, but I had to create a Go Fund Me so I can get help with my bills. I am sharing the link so if you can help, I deeply appreciate it. If you can share to your social media platforms, that would be great too.

  4. Ann, you and I hung out at the meet-up in Minneapolis! Add me as a friend please :) Also Koby! And really anyone else lol

  5. The female locker room got together at Full Gear and signed an official AEW turnbuckle so we can raise money for WhyHunger! This runs through the weekend; it ends Sunday night, Nov 21. Enter here: WHYHUNGER

  6. I’ll be missing you all tonight

  7. Hey Heels, just wanted to let you know that I just renewed my AEW Heels subscription so that way I can continue to hang out with my girls for all events and more! Kisses, Jaritza

  8. I just have to come and gush about what a fantastic weekend it was!!! The Heels meetup was so phenomenal, it was so great getting to meet so many people, even if I was so excited I was having trouble breathing! If I didn't see you and say hello, that was why, I was just so thrilled, and getting to meet so many people, I am not good at socializing at all, but it was so great! And then both AEW...

  9. Hi! I just became a member and missed the email to RSVP for the Full Gear Meet and Greet tonight before Rampage! Will I be able to walk up to the event and present my membership email confirmation?

  10. Hey all, Does anyone know where to find membership ID numbers? Feel free to send a private message if this is confidential. Thanks!