1. In case you missed it, check out the tutorial by our very own Marandan from the most recent Fall Y'All virtual event!  
  2. Watch Brandi make a Pumpkin Spice Martini and Pumpkin Pie Dip from the recent live episode of “Shot of Brandi”!   


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  1. That Cody - Cassidy match was on fire!!!

  2. Heels, did you hear that Serena is now the NWA women's champion!? I did not see that coming! I wonder for how long AEW will be featuring two women's titles. Are they hiring more women? I saw that Alex Garcia and Red Velvett have been pulled from an indy show. Perhaps they have been signed to AEW as they will need more women now? Where does this leave Thunder Rosa? So many questions but...

  3. So Halloween isn't big over here in New Zealand, so I was gonna take the easy way out, chuck on all my AEW gear and come as a Russian Nesting Doll Mark... Then I watched Leva on Unrestricted... She spent TWO weeks doing a Pyramid Head cosplay for a 30 second walk to the ring... So now I feel really lazy and I'm on the lookout for something to pass off as a decent costume hahaha

  4. SO I am an aspiring makeup youtuber (sitting at 191 subscribers, I know, it's not a lot...But it means a lot that 191 people actually want to see my videos) and I lost my SHIT when I saw Sammi's newest vlog! I love it so much! And he has always been a beautiful man but with makeup, he is just *chef's kiss* stunning. That highlight absolutely made the look. lol

  5. Periodically, we will be popping this post back up to continue to get your song suggestions for the Heels Playlist. We also have a Halloween Heels playlist not too! So let those suggestions fly!!!

  6. I really loved watching her wrestle. Marvelous to see a beautiful woman who is not too skinny. She can move. I hope we see her again. Kensey Paige was also good.

  7. I love watching Abadon wrestle. She has a great character. I really want to see her on Dynamite. I haven't seen her in a few weeks and hope she will return soon.

  8. I am so excited to be reping the new Heels bomber jacket! It finally came on Friday and I have been wearing it all weekend. SO badass.

  9. Sorry, I don't know where else to send this, but is there a way for conversations back and forth in mail to have to flick the CAPTCHA every time? It was one thing having to click "I'm not a robot" each time, but now I'm having to click photos every time I reply in a conversation that's been going for weeks now. I swear I'm not a bot! I can understand having to do it when creating a new post,...

  10. I made a time-lapse video over the weekend carving the promotion's logo into a pumpkin, and smashing a watermelon I happened to have in my possession for reasons unknown... Today I dropped my phone in the toilet however, and all that footage was lost. womp womp. I'll just add that to the list of terrible things that have happened recently, right below the tooth I broke over...