1. "As a woman you always feel a little bit on the outside."
  2. Britt Baker moved to Pittsburgh to train as both a dentist and a wrestler. Two years after graduating from Pitt, she’s thriving — as both.


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Mar. 19 AEW Heels Virtual Party
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Mar. 27 AEW Heels Game Night
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  1. Hello there I am new here so not sure how everything works but I am excited and proud to be part of this Heels Group. Can't wait to share the passion of female wrestling fans with all of you. #imwithheels

  2. I love these Aew unrivaled figures! They are so awesome to make stop motion with! Wish we could upload pictures and movies here. I’m going to try to ad a link

  3. So I've been luring for a minute or two and I've seen a couple of people from the UK already, but I'd love to get to know any British heelers a bit better. I'm from East Anglia, more specifically the Norfolk/Suffolk border and in addition to following AEW, I'm a big fan of my local wrestling company WAW (who has brought you such greats as Mr Superbad himself Kip Sabian) Look forward...

  4. Hey Girls!! Kitt here! I noticed a few other Aussie girls in the chat last night!! A couple of you who also said you were from Melbourne?!! Would love to connect and engage to help keep one another's sanity in this stage 4 Covid lock-down. And to all of my fellow wrestling fans who are interested in make-up or cosplay. Those are my two areas of expertise that I post about the most! I...

  5. Thank you Heels team for a really nice event last night. I think the mix was wonderful. Keisha-Ann's presentation was exceptionally relevant, and although I didn't think I could love Aubrey any more than I already did, she kicked it up a notch. What a stellar individual! I loved seeing younger women there, and I greatly enjoyed the introductions piece toward the end. Looking forward to...

  6. So thankful to have joined this community! Super bummed I missed tonight's event, but after reading everyone's posts I'm super stoked for the next one! Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

  7. Hello! As a lifelong wresting fan, I am excited to be a part of this community for the female fans. Happy to meet and connect with all of you!

  8. I've been so excited about this from day one! Can't wait to see what the future holds for this platform! It's almost time for the first big official meeting and I am here for it! Ground floor! Thank you AEW for creating this!

  9. I am loving this platform, it feels like it was designed specifically for me. I've been reading all your introductions and feel like I am surrounded by so much support and positivity. 2 things: 1. I'm currently a master's student in education. A lot of my research focuses on intersectionality and feminism. I'm so excited to exist in this community and share experiences with all the humans...

  10. So excited to be a part of this female driven movement! Thank you to all those who have made this possible, and I look forward to being part of this community!