1. "As a woman you always feel a little bit on the outside."
  2. Britt Baker moved to Pittsburgh to train as both a dentist and a wrestler. Two years after graduating from Pitt, she’s thriving — as both.



  1. yo.

    is this thing on? ???????????????????????

  2. Out of curiosity, is there anybody going on that Jericho cruise coming up in October next year( if things go right)? I was hoping to go myself, but COVID-19 happened and nobody in my family will let me go on my own( the one that I would go with is high risk when it comes to COVID-19, so no go for her).

  3. Does Lee Johnson have a contract? He is the jobber of all jobbers and I always feel bad for him especially now being MJF's lackey. I think I would feel better if I knew he was employed full-time by AEW. Also, I swear lately he pops up almost as much as Cody in Shot of Brandi.

  4. The AEW Tag Team Tournament was absolutely amazing, I can’t wait for this Saturday, I hope the Nightmare Sisters and lil Bran Bran win!! ??

  5. Hello there I am new here so not sure how everything works but I am excited and proud to be part of this Heels Group. Can't wait to share the passion of female wrestling fans with all of you. #imwithheels

  6. I love these Aew unrivaled figures! They are so awesome to make stop motion with! Wish we could upload pictures and movies here. I’m going to try to ad a link

  7. So I've been luring for a minute or two and I've seen a couple of people from the UK already, but I'd love to get to know any British heelers a bit better. I'm from East Anglia, more specifically the Norfolk/Suffolk border and in addition to following AEW, I'm a big fan of my local wrestling company WAW (who has brought you such greats as Mr Superbad himself Kip Sabian) Look forward...

  8. Hey Girls!! Kitt here! I noticed a few other Aussie girls in the chat last night!! A couple of you who also said you were from Melbourne?!! Would love to connect and engage to help keep one another's sanity in this stage 4 Covid lock-down. And to all of my fellow wrestling fans who are interested in make-up or cosplay. Those are my two areas of expertise that I post about the most! I...

  9. Thank you Heels team for a really nice event last night. I think the mix was wonderful. Keisha-Ann's presentation was exceptionally relevant, and although I didn't think I could love Aubrey any more than I already did, she kicked it up a notch. What a stellar individual! I loved seeing younger women there, and I greatly enjoyed the introductions piece toward the end. Looking forward to...

  10. So thankful to have joined this community! Super bummed I missed tonight's event, but after reading everyone's posts I'm super stoked for the next one! Looking forward to connecting with everyone!