1. "As a woman you always feel a little bit on the outside."
  2. Britt Baker moved to Pittsburgh to train as both a dentist and a wrestler. Two years after graduating from Pitt, she’s thriving — as both.



  1. Okay. Okay. Okay. Is it okay to talk about the men’s division on this page? Because I’m so pumped for the Casino Battle Royale at All Out! I LOVED watching the first one at Double or Nothing. It was a hot mess. I’ll rewatch it on YouTube like once a month. I always find something new or an MJF one-liner that kills me. I hope there are filled trash cans and Dreamer bopping people on the...

  2. Good morning!! Last night’s summer soirée was so much fun, now I cant wait for game night. Also excited to apply some bling on my AEW tops, thanks to Sandra for the tips. You guys have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.

  3. Last night was great. It was the perfect mix of information and fun. It was great forgetting the World’s troubles for a little bit. I love, love, love the supportive culture we are all creating on this site. So now for some wrestling talk- what are some predictions for All Out? I have Shida, Mox and FTR winning Or retaining the titles. What is everyone else’s thoughts?

  4. I missed it!!! I had a Birthday dinner for my brother tonight. I’m excited to read the posts that are already up after the zoom call. I’ll catch you guys next time for sure!

  5. This was an amazing time. Especially see all of you guys there. Looking forward to the next event :)

  6. Great to be back tonight! Thanks everyone for a fun time <3

  7. Tonight was so much fun. I got to share a little of why I love AEW so much with my mom and sister. My Moxie and my mom's Prince loved hogging the camera but who doesn't like looking at gorgeous pups! I'm looking forward to the Game Night. Also, I'm finally getting the hang of the social part so I'm gonna be sending out Hella friend request!

  8. I really can't express how full my heart is after tonight's event! I love that we get to have candid conversations about mental health and wrestlers' experiences in the business, then learn how to bling out a shirt from a legend, and top the night off with a dance party! This party really made me forget about all the stress of the world for a minute. Thanks to everyone for being totally...

  9. Super stoked for the summer soirée tonight! See you all there! ????

  10. Hey y’all! I’m SO HAPPY for Brandon Cutler’s D&D stream, Critical Botch, and it has so many of my faves in it! Apparently there are also several other wrestlers who are into tabletop gaming, and it tickles my little dice-goblin heart. So what are your hobbies and fandoms, and have you seen any wrestling crossovers (guest appearances, streams, etc) within that fandom? Or if not,...