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  1. Just wanted to wish every one a very happy Yule! Sorry I don't do Christmas but I love winter Solstice.

  2. Can someone show this to Tay Conti? Tell her us Heels love her and support her and let her know we have her back. What social media has done is unacceptable. I just wanted her to know we love her.

  3. I received my secret Santa gift today! I just want to thank whomever sent me the Yankee candle and pink and green scarf it truly brightened my day.

  4. That was good for my soul. Thanks to all y'all for being so stinking lovable and making me smile for an hour straight!!!

  5. Hey guys, I cant find the passcode to get into the zoom party? Hmm?

  6. My first live AEW SHOW will be next Wed in Greensboro NC can’t wait!!!!!

  7. Omg how cute is the AEW Heels Christmas card!?!?! Thanks to everyone at the Heels team for making me feel super loved this holiday season.

  8. I just wanted to pop on here and thank my lovely Secret Santa Joan for sending me the adorable headbands!!

  9. On Wednesday night, I went to Long Island at the UBS Arena for AEW with my uncle and it's so awesome but I saw the whole thing as well as meeting Kip Sabian which was so cool and I saw Sammy Guevara, Aubrey Edwards, and more! I just had the best night of my life so thank you, Tony Khan for everything. Come Back Soon, Jaritza

  10. So some may know, I am a 5 time Cancer Survivor. Since my 1st diagnosis 16 yrs ago, I've had 34 surgeries between Malignant and precancerous cells found. I have been pretty calm with my last few surgeries, but I have to say, I'm really nervous/ scared about the one I'm having on Monday. To boot I have a nerve disorder in my face that effects all 3 branches of nerves, optical, upper and lower...