1. I just wanted to say hello to everyone! Very happy to be here!

  2. Anyone watching tonight? New Japan came in strong. Can't wait for Thunder Rosa v. Toni Storm!

  3. It's almost time for Blood & Guts in Deeeeeetroit! Squee!!! I'm so amped! Who else is going?

  4. I know that the Heels meetups usually happen at PPVs, but I got a ticket to my first Dynamite (Quake by the Lake) and was curious if there's usually smaller get togethers at those? Or, if anyone is gonna be in Minneapolis and maybe wants to do an informal meetup?

  5. I am new and not sure how to maneuver this site.

  6. Anyone know if there will be a Fan Fest for Forbidden Door next weekend?

  7. You know, it is really disappointing seeing the partnership with Jeffree Star. It is not a hidden fact that he is extremely controversial. It is not something small like he got sloppy drunk in public, no, he is a racist and all-around shit person. To make this situation worse, the Glam account is deleting comments on their video on IG about him and the company. I have also heard that...

  8. I think it was an extremely poor choice to use Jeffree Star brand products and also try to encourage people to use them. Even just for the fact he is such a controversial public figure. And now they are deleting comments in the video they posted about it. Sadly it was on an Aubrey video. Why not choose so many other smaller indie brands instead that could use the exposure? I mean, fuck,...

  9. Just saw on Twitter AEW is finally making their debut in Columbus, OH on August 3rd!! Anyone thinking of going or wanting to do a meet up?

  10. Hi all, I haven't been on in a minute due to work but I want to take a moment to address MJF realness. Firstly, it is undisputable that MJF is a student of the wrestling game and I love that his version of a pipebomb weaved in so many great wrestling "pipebomb" references like Pillman in the 90's, Flair vs. Bischoff in WCW, CM Punk, Piper, Austin/McMahon, there are so many vibes that show this...