Be who you are, and come as you are. Because we're all going to come together as a community to change the world.

AEW Heels is a new community for women who love wrestling. The female-forward movement, led by Brandi Rhodes and the stars of AEW’s women’s division, is designed to celebrate and inspire our female fans around the world. AEW Heels is dedicated to making this the best time ever to be a female wrestling fan.

AEW Heels members receive access to a variety of exclusive features designed just for them. This includes lively monthly zoom sessions featuring special guests, Q&A sessions with talent, tutorials, specialty topics with outside experts, exclusive giveaways, dance sessions and surprises. Members also receive on-going access to virtual Game Nights with Leva Bates and Ref Aubrey, virtual meet-ups with AEW talent, customized playlists, special discounts, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and more!

This is also a safe community where AEW Heels members can communicate with each other behind a private login to chat about their love of wrestling or other common interests.

To become a part of the AEW Heels community and connect with female wrestling fans across the world, click here.

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