1. Doctor Britt Baker DMD Reflects On A Year Of AEW And COVID’s Effect On The Company’s Momentum with UPROXX
  2. November 23, 2020

    AEW Games announced!

    All Elite Wrestling is currently working on three different console and mobile games. November 10's   AEW Games 1.0 Special Event brought the news. Kenny Omega, Aubrey Edwards, Britt Baker, and Cody Rhodes took part in the 20-minute presentation, with each covering a different side of...


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  1. Just finished watching dark and I must say I love seeing women from other promos wrestling on aew! I just (literally a half hour ago) joined Heels, don’t know why I’ve put it off for so long, but I’m very excited to be a part of this community!

  2. I have really enjoyed the TNT Championship storyline. I loved Cody winning it. I loved being able to cathartically laugh at the temporary belt (while the final one was held up due to the pandemic). The match where Mr. Brodie Lee took it was devastating, in a good way. )And aside from the TV Ad they had to run…which kind of stunk, but like, whatcha gonna do?) When Cody took it back and...

  3. MIA

    Hi friends! Feel like Ive been MIA on here and missed a bunch! Hoping to be able to attend the Halloween event! It’s been a rough month and hoping to be more active soon. Today was supposed to be my wedding day but due to the pandemic we postponed so it’s been a sad day. Love reading your posts and Im looking forward to Dynamite on Wednesday.

  4. Is anyone else a huge Big Swole fan out there? I am just loving her. She is so tough and strong and sassy. Im telling you that she is a role model. ( no offense to Dr. Britt ) Her story is inspiring to all women.

  5. Happy Saturday! In the game night chat a few of us were discussing Italian horror and I mentioned this homage film to it called "In Fabric". I wanted to share the trailer in case anyone was interested and wanted to check it out:

  6. A BIG BIG THANK YOU to everyone who joined us for our second Game Night tonight! It was super fun being bad at trivia and dying with all of you. Do you have any ideas for future games? Any that we've played that you want to play again? Reply here and let me know and I'll add them to the list! And yes, I did go out and buy a lottery ticket after ;)

  7. Hi Heels! As Fall is now upon us, we have had a couple chilly mornings that made me anxious for the Bomber even more. Has anyone received theirs yet? I know the turn around time was 6-8 weeks, but I'm wondering if any have been sent yet. Luckily, I live in sunny, hot, & humid Florida, so it's not urgent, but it would be super cute in the mornings. Thanks ladies.

  8. Been wondering this for a while, but does the Wonderful Union system have the ability for a live (text) chat room or if not might there be a way to set up like a third party private chat room for us Heelies to hang out in during the shows?

  9. I was lucky enough to snag a mini-season pass! But I think I’ll be wearing my Jericho gear on 10/7 to celebrate the GOAT. Heels gear at next show, I promise :)

  10. Hey Heels! Hope everyone is having a good day :) Just wanted to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to this awesome community for being so sweet and wonderful with my Bubbi joining our zoom party this past Sunday! She's been a real trooper through Covid and it was so much fun to be able to include her in the call :) After game night - I decided to check out Leva's...