1. Complex talked to the promotions top wrestlers about its diverse roster, what that means for the sport, and how they're forcing media to progress.
  2. Doctor Britt Baker DMD Reflects On A Year Of AEW And COVID’s Effect On The Company’s Momentum with UPROXX


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  1. Hey y'all, does anyone know if we can still bring our significant other to the party even if they don't live with us? Or do we have to be on the Zoom together? My husband and I are living apart until we're both vaccinated because he's an essential worker and I'm high risk. I know some other people have SO's that don't live with them as well and were curious about this too.

  2. We have specially made Heel’s Valentine’s Playlist up and live on Spotify! Enjoy!!! ValentinePlaylist

  3. I am so excited for this tournament, especially the additions of Veny and Maki Itoh, two of my favorite Japanese wrestlers period! It’s going to be so great and I am still pumped about it!!! I hope that they get to show their skills on TV this time around! I know the freedom of time youtube gives, but Maki Itoh NEEDS to be on American TV!!!

  4. Why do we get random unannounced ad breaks at the worst times? This week it was just after Kenny Omega’s entrance and Don Callis started to speak... No warning or anything! It’s really annoying :(

  5. Hello, new here. I would love to connect with some of you on Twitter or Instagram and be able to follow more female wrestling fans. Super excited to be part of this community. @kimberlydyonne Thanks all!

  6. Hi everyone! During our last Heels party, I started to explain this helpful app that I use every day to manage my life. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and have ADHD (what fun!) also clearly use humor to cope... Anyway, back to the wonders of habitica. Disclaimer: I'm not getting paid by this app nor do I have a subscription for it, I just use the free version. Essentially the...

  7. Has anyone else been having trouble uploading their video for the contest? I try to upload it but the size is too big even though I have it at only like a minute and a half. Help?

  8. Tonight had some great points but I wanted to post some resources for others who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; since goal setting can be very challenging for ADHD brains in comparision to a neurotypical brain. I posted these links in the comments but I wanted to make sure anyone who wanted them had access to them. The first and most important is a YouTube channel called...

  9. Sorry if this is the wrong communication channel to ask, but can anyone please share the State Farm video contest details? I got: Name Why we love AEW Who our wrestling alter ego would be The deadline (Sunday, 1/31, at 11:59pm EST) Keep it tight (~2 mins) Aaand I know I'm missing at least 1-2 things. Thanks!

  10. I got my Heels holiday card today!! What a surprise! I’m not even mad cuz I still have my Christmas lights on outside lol Thank you Heels admin. I loved the card and glad it finally came.